August dose of GTO

Limp triple barrel
Half-stacked check-raises on dry boards
Delay c-betting OOP in 3BPs
Examining polarized ISO strategies
Check-raise barreling in 3BPs
Countering Double-Barrels BvB
Donk Shoving in 4Bet Pots
Leveraging nut advantages on turns
Barreling turns in HU 3BPs
Raising vs double-barrels
Check-raising out of the straddle
Barreling rivers after check-raising

July dose of GTO

Should you rangebet these flops?
Countering range-bettors
Probing OOP on Ace high boards
Turn barreling after small flop cbet
Facing cold-callers OOP
Double-paired rivers
Facing turn overbets
Finding donk bets against tight ranges
Depolarized turn barrels
River probe blocks
Raising flop c-bets in position
Squeezing out of position
Overdefend pre - Overfold post
Flatting SB
Finding check-raises on dry ace flops
Donking the flop
Block-Block-Jam OOP 3BP
Splitting the turn OOP BvB
Bet Check Bet on connected runouts
Triple Barrel Fold
Probing the river on dry runouts
Shoving shortstacks for your tournament life
Value betting with <50% equity
Owning draws with big turn bets
Finding bluffs on 4-flush runouts
3-betting flops
Overbetting vs condensed ranges
Barreling turns in 3-bet pots
Triple barreling as the IP PFC in 3BPs

June dose of GTO

Limping premiums
Why shove suited connectors?
Building shortstack turn shoves
Countering rangebets in limped pots
Checking back turns with flush draws
Shoving draws on the flop
Calling down medium made hands
Evaluating pairs on dangerous boards
3betting flops in shortstack pots
Donking monotone turns
Spin flop c-bet strategies
Midstack HU SnG turn probes
Evaluating midstack iso flops
OOP bet construction on trip rivers
Evaluating turn cards in short 3BP
Trapping the turn BvB
3betting HU midstacks
Defending the straddle on wet flops
2nd barrel Bluff-catching in midstack 3BP
Turning the tables
Deepstack MTT heuristics, UTG vs BB
So many flush draws to choose from!
HU 3BP flop heuristics
Static bluff-catchers in deep 3BP
Defending the XR 3x barrel shove
Defending the probe OB in 3BP
5-Flush deepstack river 3bets
Deepstack value shove thresholds
Deepstack triple barrel math
The fearless fast-play

May dose of GTO

Caio Brick
Tom Talboom
Victor Rodrigues
Sunny Dales
Fabian Pichara
Donk Orleone
Qing Yang
Stoyan Obreshkov
Saulo Costa

April dose of GTO

Daily Dose of Memes
What is equity?
Translating buckets to range shapes
Symmetrical Distributions
Polarized Distributions
Guess the line! #1
Guess the line! #2
Guess the stack depth
Fundamentals of morphology
BvB Broadway Bets
Shortstack 3BP Cbets on wet board
Probing turn bricks
Constructing HU 3bets
Constructing Spin check-backs
Check-raising dry boards
Block-betting scary rivers in 4BP
Equity Distribution Graphs
Guess the move! #1
Guess the move! #2
Guess the move! #3
The staircase distribution
The no-bluff shove
The no-nut shove
Giving up on the river
What is EQR?
Realizing Equity on Broadway Boards
Can both ranges underperform?
Realizing the best turn cards
Gutshot performance

March dose of GTO

Balancing your blastoffs
Bluffing the calling station
Bet-Bet-Jam Construction
What is indifference actually?
Solver noise
Understanding variance
Which flop is more likely?
Clairvoyant Defense
Turning made hands into bluffs
MDF facing bluffs with showdown value
MDF facing draws
How to interpret solver accuracy?
Overbet sizing motifs
Understanding ICM
Straddle Theory
Shipping shortstacked flops HU
Push-folding EV
Backdoor suits
4bet shoving 100bb deep
The Vluff
Should you donk into a rangebettor?
Risk Premium
Freerolling staights
Overbetting pocket pairs
How thin should you raise the river?
Risk of Ruin
Kelly Criterion
Strategic Domination
MDF vs Pot Odds
AKQ Game Block-bet

February dose of GTO

3bet sizing with halfstacks
Opening pockets from EP
Adjusting RFI to shortstacks
Overcalling the deepstacked squeeze
Should you limp from the SB shortstacked?
Where does EV come from?
Facing the cold 4bet
Baby flush draws on mono flops
C-betting spins
Defending small pairs OOP
C-Betting low connected boards
Defending the BB deepstacked
Pricing and defense in 3bet pots
Facing overbets HU
Calling down BvB
XR Barreling paired boards
Double donk diss
Delayed c-betting limped pots
Double overbet diligence
Turn strategy on trip boards
Explosive turn probes
Checking back the river
Defending the river block in passive pots
Double-paired river jams
Triple barrel defense in 3BP
Bluff-catching 4BP river shoves
How to play chop boards?
Building block bets OOP

January dose of GTO

XR Shoving scary boards
When to start push-folding?
Which hands like going multiway?
3bet shoving pocket pairs
Valuing hands in 4bet pots
Raising the river in position
Stacking off in spins
Checking back the flop HU
No limp for you!
Donking in 3bet pots on low boards
Facing a 3bet UTG
XR shoving 3bet pots
Delayed cbet OOP on wet boards
Rangebetting vs cold-callers OOP
Cold 4-bet flop trends
Donk shoving rivers
Cbet trends in HU 3bet pots
Squeezing short stacks in spins
Belligerent Big Blind
Finding the value line in checked down pots
Checking down with strong hands
Donking HU 4bet pots
XR shoving flop in spins
Optimizing AK
Comparing MTT and Cash
Defending against overbet flops in HU pots
Block bet bananza
Blocking the missed flush draw
Comparing flush draw blockers
Comparing blockers in HU 3bet pots
C-betting Sets vs Overpairs

Christmas dose of GTO

# 1

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Guess the hand

# 2

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Which set has the most EV?

# 3

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Over-realizing equity

# 4

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Where do pot odds and MDF meet?

# 5

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Suitedness and aggression

# 6

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Rangebetting UTG

# 7

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cbet sizing in 3bet pots

# 8

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Cbetting against IP cold-callers

# 9

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Valuing hands on monotone flops

# 10

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What does EV really mean?

# 11

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Linear vs Polarized 3betting

# 12

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What exactly is equity realization?

# 13

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Exploiting value heavy players

# 14

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Fundamental laws

# 15

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Exploiting trappy players

# 16

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Range vs Range

# 17

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Perfect polarity

# 18

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Check-raise barreling

# 19

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When to donk the turn?

# 20

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What's the point of mixing?

# 21

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Calculating Expected Value

# 22

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Splitting value on the river

# 23

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Scared underpairs

# 24

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Angry underpairs

# 25

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Prisoners dilemma

# 26

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Overfolding and MDF

# 27

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Effects of stack depth

# 28

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Infinite quads

# 29

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Balancing bluffs

# 30

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What's the difference?

# 31

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Explosive flops

November dose of GTO