Do you have what it takes
to master the Mechanics of Poker?

To be a successful poker player, and reach the highest stakes, there are more skills you need to acquire besides learning GTO.

By reaching high-stakes poker ourselves, and afterword’s teaching this to others in our Poker Ambition CFP program, we identified that there are 3 main areas you have to master in order to become successful.

The technical game:
the most studies area, especially when it comes to theory. In our program we educate you on the most important concepts a solver can teach you and focus on the why (the mechanics) behind the strategies so you can use this knowledge more effectively and prevent mistakes and wrong interpretations that hurt your game.
After teaching you the theory we have to think how this applies to practice, and where can/should deviate. We will show you how to spot leaks and gain information, make exploitative gameplans on your population as well as maximizing vs recreational players, and which adjustments we should make so we can start out earning the solver.
The mental game & Performance:
This will determine how much of your technical knowledge you will be able to consistently execute at the tables.
Adam Carmichael will teach you how to sustain your focus and motivation, have more energy, tilt less, play your A-game more consistently, increase your volume, overcome your fears, break free from limiting beliefs, reprogram your mind for high-stakes poker success and much more.
Management & Optimization:
in poker, unlike other sports/profession, you are often a team of one. Meaning that you are responsible to manage yourself, your career and find areas that need improving and ways to improve them.
We will teach you how to optimize your grind, where to play, when to play, how much to play etc. and teach you ways and share systems to better find your leaks, recognize variance, so that with every session, you are consistently improving as a poker player and reaching your goals. We wrap the program up with a conclusion of how success in poker really works.

The Mechanics of Poker is the best, + more, of our former Poker Ambition CFP program, in which on average we managed to double our students win-rates while they moved up thought the stakes, without the long term commitment and profit cuts.

We can help you get unstuck at mid-stakes so you can join the high-stakes poker community. Our goal is that at the end of this program, you are completely independent, and have acquired all skills necessary to succeed now, and keep succeeding in the future as you are equipped with all concepts and skills necessary to evolve with the game.

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What you will get

All areas explained:
There is over 80+ hours of top-level content in our program, structured in a clear learning path and based on your feedback, and our own improvement as player and coaches, it’s continuously growing & improving.
Access to 2 monthly live Q&A calls:
Interact with both TheWakko and Adam Carmicheal live in our monthly calls.
1-1 attention:
TheWakko will review your game to make sure your implementing the mechanics knowledge correctly while Adam is there to help you overcome any mental game barriers you have encountered in a 1-1 coaching session.
An active discord community:
Talk strategy, review hand histories, ask questions, be part of and interact with our coaches and fellow members in our exclusive discord community.


TMOP Member playing 500nl online
’I cannot thank you enough Wakko, for creating the Mechanics of Poker. To be honest I am not the most talented player, but I work very hard. With help of your course, I now view poker completely different and study with PIO in a much better way.

The coaches

the wakko
Meet Our Technical Coach – TheWakko

Ever since TheWakko, Xplode7777 and Pokerkluka started working together closely, their careers have skyrocketed. Together, they formed Poker Ambition. After achieving the desired success in their own poker careers, they decided to help other players through the coaching program. During this period of two years, they learned so much more about teaching poker, and what it takes to succeed.  This resulted in TheWakko going into ‘TheLab’ and dedicated all his time to figure out what poker success comes down to. He transformed that into a philosophy, which he will be teaching you in the technical part of this program, as he has already done to so many of our students. Watch his full poker story here!

Meet Our Mental Game & Performance Coach

Adam Carmichael created the second part (Mindset & Performance), as he is our Mental Game & Performance coach. He is a former high stakes player who now coach’s poker players how to reach their full potential. Over the past 3 years he has dedicated his life to working 1-1 with hundreds of players from 32 different countries, playing all formats from online MTTs to live high stakes cash games. His hands-on experience, coupled with his degree in Sports Science and his obsession with behavioral psychology, has led Adam to discover unique approaches which will turn you into the ultimate peak performer.

the wakko

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